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Before we chose to do this Harbor Freight Router Table review, we examined the product. We used it for various days, and we are happy with its specialties.

So, we have analyzed it for people who may be considering buying their router table soon. First of all, we notice that the table is pretty firm. So, it is robust enough to take whatever you throw at it.

We were able to make steady and straight cuts on the table. Also, holes and chamfers performed on the router table in this review. Another feature that we marked is the quick-stop electronic brake. The brake is highly active, and that makes for a high level of correctness.

For added safety, the table has a patent plastic guard. So, you will have a better and more detailed view of your work. With such statements, the possibilities of making blunders will be meager. Its dust-collecting specialty will keep your workshop clean. You won’t require to sweep the place every time you use your router tables. We have given you the hint of the iceberg. Now, let’s dip into the soul of the review.

Harbor Freight Router Table Review benchtop table router

Harbor Freight Router Table Review – 5 Major Specialties

1. The table is sturdy.

We admire the reality that the table is very sturdy. This gives you two vital advantages. First of all, being sturdy will make it robust and long-lasting. So, it would help if you were sure that this harbor freight would last for different years.

The second advantage of a sturdy router table is the capability to withstand massive tasks or projects. We are glad that it was able to take on all the hurdles we made to the benchtop table.

2. It is a dust collection set.

You can quickly join this plunge router table as a dust collector. Without a dust collector, you may have to vacuum your workshop after every routing session. Once done, the dust collector will stop dust from crossing all over your workshop or work location. The time that could have been spent on vacuuming will now turned into other more productive activities.

3. It has removable guards.

With our little knowledge, we have recognized that the guards of a router table have an advantage and a disadvantage. Their advantage is clear. They are meant to shield you and stored as a security measure.

Unfortunately, with the protectors in place, there is a limit to the size of the material you can work on. To solve the query, the manufacturer made the guards removable.

So, whenever you plan to work on more extended materials, you can remove the guards. And when you’re through with the more comprehensive materials, you can fix them right back.

4. It has clear plastic guards.

In addition, This table has sharp plastic guards, which are transparent. It is useless to suggest that you are expected to make some mistakes if you have a more brilliant view. This is why fine guards should be supported. It increases the quality of work done on the wood table.

5. The table has a quick-stop electronic brake.

The electronic brake of this router table is very active. When you press the brake, the engine will stop immediately. This is another attractive feature. This quick-stop brake helps to promote precision and high-quality jobs.

In addition, its depth scale that is meant for accuracy bit placement works in conjunction with the quick-stop brake to raise the accuracy level of the table.

Why Should You Buy Harbor Freight Router Table?

Fantastic jobs

The primary reason anyone will buy a router table is to carve out fantastic woodworks. That is precisely what you will get from this table. Identify, we used it for various days, and we were glad at its production. However, The constant cuts that came out from this table are the leading cause why we are reviewing it.


You don’t want to buy a router table that will collect up after a couple of months, right? That is why you should regard this table. It is firm, rugged, and long-lasting.


Despite its extraordinary jobs, this harbor freight is lightweight. You’ll indeed carry it around because it weighs only 28 pounds. Most importantly, we were responsible for setting it up effortlessly, so it should not be tough for you to set it up.

  • The table is sturdy and rugged.
  • It is also long-lasting.
  • This unit is a dust-collection set.
  • It has transparent guards for a more accurate view of what you are doing.
  • The table also has a quick-stop electronic brake.
  • The guards are removable.
  • This table weighs only 28 pounds.
  • It has a dimension of 28 by 14 by 13 inches.
  • The clamp device of the router tables is not robust.
  • It does not come with a warranty.


Suppose you have been following this Harbor Freight Router Table Review from the start. In that case, you will agree with us that the product has already been promoted and suggested itself with its great features. Nonetheless, we will still recommend it in clear terms. This table enables you to scrape out smooth jobs, which include amazing coves and chamfers.

What values for the high-quality jobs is the transparent guard, as well as the quick-stop electric brake. So, we at this moment justify this router table to you and any other person that is preparing to buy a router table anytime soon. We affirm you that you bought it.


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