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Interested in upgrading the current woodworking tools? If yes, then start with having the best routing table! The router is versatile equipment that helps you edit and cut the wood or fence material to innovate new shapes and unique curves. It can also be used to create grooves or for digging into the wood. In short, there are multiple ideas, and all are intended to innovate wood into different designs or shapes.

Safety always comes first! The routing tables help you to perform the given task without harming yourself. It enhances the overall precision and efficacy of your work by holding the object in a balanced way. The router tables offer you a protective, efficient, and cleaner environment for routing!

Best DIY Router Tables

Woodworking has been there for years, but tool advancements enable you room for ease in your work. The modern and advanced routing tables come up with convenient features which will save you extra time and effort. Next, I will be mentioning a list of the seven best DIY router tables which are known for performance and great value for money!

7 DIY Router Tables for woodworking

1. Bosch Router Table RA1181 – Build Routing Table

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

When it comes to the best routing table, Bosch scores the highest place. The RA 1181 is quite a popular model today because of its performance and build quality. It features a benchtop design which is best suited for learners because it has an extended work zone.

It is made up of aluminum material. The metal building is always preferred because it adds durability and stability. The balance is essential because a little unevenness might be a risk to your safety. It is a large routing table that includes a mounting plate built with premium quality aluminum material. You can mount it anywhere easily with the help of screws.

This routing table is perfect for newbies as it is adjustable. You can mount it according to your height. It is a versatile option that goes with almost every router. I will really like to appreciate the extra tall fence of this routing table with adjustable or regulatory faceplates. The feather boards are also attached to this table which maximizes the versatility and correctness of your work.

Shortly, it is a complete package routing table that comes up with multiple accessories and specifications. It includes a dust port that collects the leftovers to provide you with a cleaner environment. The continuous exposure to dust might affect your eyes, so this element counts!

  • Portable
  • Easy Mounting system
  • No need for leveling
  • Pre assembled
  • Includes bistro-height gauge
  • Plastic parts in the body

In conclusion, this ultra-portable layout router offers ease of use. It can be mounted easily. It comes in a pre-assembled form which is a plus point for beginners.

2. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table – Router Table Top Plan

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top - Best Benchtop Router Table

Second, on this list is Kreg PRS 2100 router table which is constructed with engineered wood. It comes in the following dimensions: 19.25 x 30 x 4.75 inches. It is a large size table that offers vast space to perform your task. The large-sized routing tables are highly recommended to learners so that they can freely do their work.

This full-size routing table features the Level-Loc reducing rings. These rings bring the ultimate level of adjustability. The insert plate comes with the plate levelers that again feature positioning, stability, or balance and collectively making this table idea to perform woodwork with exactness.

The build quality of this top-notch product needs appreciation. It is made of heavy-duty steel material, an alloy of iron, which is extensively used because it adds utmost strength. The top surface is smooth and resists extra friction. Make sure never to buy a rough top routing table because it will distract you while working.

Moreover, it features a dust collection port for cleanliness. You can also get the vertical jointing to adjust it according to your suitability. To fix it properly, there are cam clamps that lock against the surface. Conclusively, it is a combination routing table and a perfect choice for almost every level user.

  • Level-loc rings
  • Rigid body
  • Highly stable
  • Versatile
  • Less noisy
  • Fence locking is tough

Overall, the Kreg routing equipment is extremely stable and versatile. It can fit almost every router. It produces less noise than other routing tables, which makes it a step forward from its market competitors.

3. SKIL RAS900 Router Table – Homemade Router Table

SKIL RAS900 Router Table - Top Rated Router Tables

The SKIL RAS900 router table is the third product on this list. It is an ideal conglomeration of affordability and value. If you are looking for the best routing table that is safe to use, you should consider this one. It has a starter pin and a guard that supports the workpiece in a balanced way, especially when you are routing the curved surfaces.

It is designed with a dual container system and also includes a clamp mechanism. A clamp is basically a tool that helps you in holding your workpiece that is wood or fence. It applies pressure close to the piece and resists movement. The clamp system makes sure to achieve the utmost precision and accuracy.

The SKIL Router table has two feather boards. These boards are installed in devices usually used in routing. It helps to keep the targeted piece stable by applying pressure against it. In short, the feather boards assist with perfect routing.

If you are a learner, then you should consider this routing table. There are different reasons to support this statement. For instance, this table required no leveling, you can only do little changes in mounting, and you’re done. It has a bit-height gauge that is better than the miter gauge in terms of ease and efficiency.

  • Tall fence
  • Bit-height gauge works great
  • Pre assembled
  • Provides extreme support
  • Dual feather boards
  • Plastic supports on corners

Comprehensively, the SKIL router table is user-friendly and convenient equipment. It features great support and versatility. The bit-height gauge of this router table needs appreciation because it is effortless and accurate.

4. Bosch RA1141 Router Table – Plans For Router Table

Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

The Bosch RA 1141 is a remarkable router table that is updated with other models. It is an older version but still popular in the market because of its proficient performance. It is a suitable table for beginners because it offers high-end portability. There is no extra effort or time required for setting up this convenient table. It offers a basic mounting procedure that is not so common to see in routing tables.

It comes in a benchtop foldable design. The storage side and legs get folded into a compacted shape while resting. It is good for woodworkers who have their working zone distant from home as it is ultra-portable. Moreover, it requires no leveling and comes pre-assembled. It is more like a ready-to-use router table.

The accuracy needs appreciation! The top of the table is made up of MDF material, also called medium density fiberboard material. The MDF features strength, stability, and smoothness to the top surface, where routing will be performed. Briefly, through this table, you will be able to make precise cuts because of that smooth work area.

  • Portable
  • Storage compartments
  • MDF top surface
  • Strong
  • Very Stable
  • Few plastic parts

As a whole, this router table is extremely portable and convenient. It is a good choice for woodworkers who have distant work areas. It is powerful, rigid, and stable.

5. Goplus Electric Router Table

Goplus Electric Router Table

The GoPlus Electric router table is considered because of its rigid build quality. It is made up of aluminum material that is smooth, rigid, stable, and strong. The stability and smoothness matter a lot because it enables you to work precisely in a soft environment. The frame of this routing table is made of wood which adds up the extra balance.

It is a multi-functional router table with superlative fences which provide extreme support. It is a perfect combination of the fence with the exact miter gauge. The miter gauge is quite common and is used for correct measurements. It is good for experts because it is a little more difficult than the bit-height gauge.

Beginners will also find this tool helpful as it is very convenient. It is easy to install and also includes an instruction manual that helps you in doing that. For cleaning, there are dust ports (grooved areas) that remove the leftovers and dust particles.

  • It has an instruction manual
  • Includes dust ports
  • Large in size
  • Aluminum construction
  • It has a miter gauge
  • Requires adjustments

Altogether, it is good for fresh woodworkers who have not much information about installing the router tables or assembling them. It offers superlative building, which makes it a long-lasting choice. It is large in size and features vast space for routing.

6. Leegol Electric Router Table

Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table

Looking for a full-size best router table? Here you go with the Leegol Electronic routing table. It comes in a benchtop layout and gives you free and large space for work. It is an ideal piece of equipment for entry-level woodworkers because of its size and convenience. It requires zero effort and saves you extra time, which you put in setting other tables.

It is a versatile table, or you can say it is universal because it easily fits almost every router. Because it has the router bits with base plates of appropriate size, i.e., six inches (150mm). It is a perfect option if you are not sure about the size of your router or purchasing a table before buying the router.

Furthermore, it comes with additional accessories, like the transparent guard inserted in the fence. The guard provides protection as well as precision while you’re performing delicate tasks. Besides, you also get a dust port for easy removal of debris or leftovers to provide you a clean and healthy area for work.

  • Includes extra accessories
  • It has a transparent guard
  • Very convenient
  • Large in size
  • Versatile
  • Hard to put together

All-inclusive, the Leegol electric benchtop router table is large in size. It features a large room for routing. It is highly convenient, versatile, and stable.

7. Grizzly Industrial T10432 – Router Table with Stand

Grizzly T10432 Router Table - Best Table Top Router Table

Last on this list is the Grizzly Industrial router table which comes with a stand. The table is selected because of its great strength and sturdiness. I will really like to appreciate the flatness and smoothness of the top surface of this table. It also has a mounting plate that is easy to screw over any desired surface. However, you may not find the mounting plate good as it is made of plastic, but you can switch it with a new one.

It is mainly considered because it features adjustability. You can fit it according to your height and preference. It comes with multiple plates and different screws, which help you in adjusting it by yourself.

This item is not recommended for beginners because it is not pre-assembled. It needs leveling and adjustments. However, it works with greater precision and accuracy, which makes it faultless for experts.

  • Very precise
  • Flat surface
  • Extremely stable
  • Adjustable
  • Not for beginners

The Grizzly router table features a flat and smooth working area that is perfect for routing. It is very balanced and offers proper routing. Furthermore, you can adjust it accordingly.


Is a router table worth it?

The routing tables are advanced equipment. It helps in getting more accuracy in your work. If you are a beginner, then you should do routing on a table.

What should I look for when buying a router table?

First, you should consider the build quality. The stability, durability, and rigidity also matter. Along with that, getting the extra accessories will make it a complete package.

Final Words

You have read the extensive review on the DIY router tables, which are easy to assemble, mount and use. These products come as a package with screws and all necessary tools that make it effortless, even for entry-level woodworkers. The aforementioned items are trendy, best in performance, user-friendly and great value for money. Amongst all, my top picks are:

  • Bosch Router Table RA1181 for its easy mounting system. It requires no leveling.
  • SKIL RAS900 Router Table for its high accuracy and precision. It has a bistro-height gauge system.
  • Grizzly Industrial T10432 for its extreme stability, precision, and adjustability.

That’s all regarding DIY router tables! In this article, enough information has been provided which would be enough for you to make a perfect choice. Make sure to never compromise on construction, stability, and accuracy while spending your precious money on a router table.

Happy Routing!

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