Craftsman Router Table Combo for Woodworking – Top Pick up

If you’re examining this, you are looking for a new wood router for your shop. You appeared at the right place because we have a suggestion for you, and it’s the Craftsman Router Table and Combo.

This section will present you Craftsman SKIL 14 Amp Plunge and Fixed-Base Router Combo review. See what this machine can award you, and choose whether this wood router is suitable for you and your woodworking projects. Read on!

Craftsman Router Table Combo Overview

The Craftsman Router Table Combo is a tool that lets you accurately cut the sides of different types of wood, so they have a clean and polished look to them.
A handheld router is used by holding the router and passing it along the edge of wood while the router bit cuts into the wood’s edge. A router table provides you with a fixed point with the router bit pointing up from the bottom of the table, similar to how a table saw blade rises from the flush table surface. This handy combo provides you with the perks of both.


craftsman router table and combo

We were researching a few new woodworking tools and reached across a Skil 14-amp router with fixed and plunge bases for less than $150. Skil normally provides us with a lot of quality and performance for the price, so we made it to see if it’s worth adding to your shop.


With 2.5 horsepower ready, this Skil router brings 14 amps with speeds from 10,000 to 25,000 RPM. The electronic control panel on top is easy sufficient to change speeds on. Just touch the + or – button to get the speed you want.

While experienced woodworkers know how to wheel that speed in, Skil involves some friendly help if you don’t have quite as much expertise. Holding the “Set” button lets you select settings for the bit size, bit style, softwood, hardwood, or plastic materials. Once you accept them, the router selects the suggested speed for that combination.

If you get started and find that the speed isn’t quite right, you can modify it on the fly without altering the motor off first.

Using quality router bits such as Bosch’s 10-piece RA1181, we got the best results and confident power with the edge and forming routing we did.


It’s handy that Skil covers both fixed and plunge bases with this set. Both include all the macro and micro improvements you need to turn in-depth, just right for the material you’re working on.

They also have superior sightlines to your bit, and the LED lights have your working area visible.

The router can handle both 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch shank bits. To shift to the smaller shank size, you need to insert the 1/4-inch adapter that comes with the kit into the 1/2-inch collet and then install the bit. They’re not entirely separate collets.

The base plate centre possibilities are a little slight. You can use bits up to 1 or 1/4-inch without any difficulty. Anything beyond that, and the bit operates the hole side.

We took the biggest round over bit we normally use and gently forced it through the base to extend it. Though it did have to cut pretty close to the other holes circling the centre on the plunge base, this worked great.

You want your mind on your bit and material when you’re routing, and Skil did an outstanding job of making sure you do not imagine about the handles instead. The handles on both bases are easily shaped and well placed.

  • Adds fixed base, plunge base, and parallel guide
  • The electronic control panel on highest lets you adjust speed on the fly
  • Preset modes help less skilled woodworkers face at the correct speed
  • Outstanding sightline to the bit with LEDs to light the work area
  • Certain routing performance, even with higher bits
  • Convenient handle design
  • Best value at $139.99
  • The Center hole on the bases isn’t large enough to use bits over one 1/4-inch

Final words

All in all, I’d explain the SKIL 1322 as a full-featured, mid-power, highly varied router that can do the myriad of router jobs: edge profiling, carving, boring, joinery, template routing, surfacing, cutting, and well, the list continues on and on. And all of this at a very handsome price point! This router would be perfect for a beginner, and it’s just fit as a “go-to” router for an improvement or general contractor pro. Just don’t forget to keep it infrequently.

Craftsman Router Features


The Craftsman router and table combo provide an effective motor speed of up to 25000 RPM. It has a variable speed setting that you can control using its six dials. The router runs from the least speed of 10000 RPM, and it can either maintain the current speed or increase its pace when you squeeze its speed dials. The RPM rate of this router enables you to work with a variation of materials, such as softwoods and hardwoods, plastics, and veneer.


This router is powered by a forever sealed motor with a peak HP of 2, which makes it tough enough to deal with various levels of woodworking. The 27683 model also comes with a Soft Start Technology that appropriates an Electronic Feedback Circuitry to support you in controlling the device’s initial power upon being switched on. With that feature, you’ll grow firmer and tight control right on the start without having the router take-off because of its torque.

Accuracy and Precision

Craftsman guarantees that this wood router model gives highly precise cutting and accurate set-ups with the following features:

  • Fine and Micro-Depth Rod Adjustments: The router’s plunge base has blister stops to ensure that your set-ups and repeated cuts are all precise.
  • Coarse and Micro-Depth Adjustments: The fixed base of this model appears with this feature for more precise set-ups.
  • Smooth Plunge Action: To help you achieve accurate cuts, this function lowers the bit at a 90-degree angle into the wood.
  • Heavy-Duty Edge Guide: You can use this design to work on the most general routing applications like decorative edging, slotting, grooving, and straight-edge planning and trimming.


Craftsman specially designed this router to have excellent performance while doing durable enough to handle even the roughest wood projects. First, it comes with a shielding plunge post bellows to protect the router’s guideposts from certain chances of confronting wood chips, dust, and, worse, moisture. The motor housing of this model is made of precision-milled cast aluminium for extra stability and durability. The router’s fixed and plunge bases both have high-impact repellent motor housing top cap and handles to preserve the tool from further disasters brought by severe and complicated workpieces.

These features that give durability measures make this router available for a higher period of usage.


As we discussed, the Craftsman router table presents an extraordinary ergonomic level to help you work more efficiently. To start, both the bases of this router have handles that are essentially designed to give the user satisfaction while handling the machine. The handles have soft grips with a feeling that won’t make your hands slip off easily; these also help minimize the fluctuation brought by the operation, so you’re able to work with greatly more control and ease.

When it comes to turning from fixed base to plunge base (and vice versa), you have the router’s quick-clamp system to do the developing process without the need of using certain tools.


If you’re new to the woodworking industry and find an affordable starter router, you’re in good hands with the Craftsman router table combo. It’s more affordable than most combo-based routers today, yet it doesn’t lose to provide high-quality performance for your wood cutting needs.

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