10 Best Router and Table Combo 2021 [Top Rated]

Searching for 2-in-1 tools to aid your wood cutting experience? Router and table combos are your ultimate solution. This equipment is highly efficient and is mostly incorporated with a dust collector, miter gauge, fence, a base plate, a durable base, and a sturdy top surface. All these factors combine together to form one unit that is compatible with a wide variety of routers.

Modern items also feature noise absorption abilities and are suitable for nighttime. Thus, this article provides you 10 best router and table combos based on their strength, additional accessories, pre-drilled base plate, and cost-efficiency, along with a detailed buying guide.

10 Best Router and Table Combo

1. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 – Router And Table Combo Set

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Bosch Benchtop Best Router Table RA1181 is a remarkable product featuring a unique design. The tool is manufactured using aluminum materials and offers unrivaled durability and sturdiness to the whole system. Similarly, it also provides a large working area which increases its performance and makes it best among its counterparts.

The aluminum system is pre-drilled for attaching a diverse range of routers to the main apparatus and relieves you from the hassle of drilling holes by yourself. In addition to this, the height of the table can be modified and adjusted depending on the requirement. Furthermore, the aluminum fence incorporated in the model allows for balancing the wood pieces.

Hence, making it easier to grind them. Another significant attribute of the fence is the adjustable faceplates and feather boards that offer impressive precision. Another noteworthy characteristic of the product is the presence of the built-in collector duct that maintains cleanliness and is equipped with vacuum hoses.

The vacuum sucks away undesired pollutants from the surroundings and leaves a clean and healthy atmosphere. Last but not least, the item contains an accessory slot that can be used to integrate a miter gauge into the system. Similar to this, storage pockets also serve a purpose to store required materials and enhance their efficiency.

  • Built-in dust collector
  • Pre-drilled base plate
  • Aluminum Fence
  • Large working area
  • Expensive

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 is a durable and compact tool. The router table features a large working platform along with the pre-drilled base plate. Furthermore, the fence included in the object contains adjustable feather boards and fence plates that improve its precision and accuracy. Hence, it is ideal for a variety of activities and is highly recommended.

2. Dremel 231 Portable Router Table – Top Rated Router Table

Dremel 231 Router Table

Dremel 231 Portable Router Table is yet another incredible apparatus included in the list of best routers and table combo. The unit is cordless in nature and is extremely lightweight. Therefore, it can be carried around with ease and is highly portable. The equipment is not only a router table but a sharper as well; thus, it can be used to sharpen wood pieces with impressive accuracy.

The sharper contains a router table attachment which provides a perfect platform for grinding the wood pieces. Similarly, the whole system is sturdy and less prone to damage than others of its kind. The table makes it easier to groove, sand, and edge the wood pieces for multiple sizes and shapes.

Along with this, the unit is also capable of supporting light duty projects and is equipped with an adjustable fence that amplifies the precision and allows you to produce unrivaled results. The model also possesses the ability to mount on the surface of other objects such as tables and cabinets. Moreover, its compact size allows you to store it in confined places without exerting much effort.

Besides these attributes, another prominent characteristic of the material is its versatile nature to connect with both corded and cordless tools. This is also the reason for its enhanced popularity among users. Finally, the equipment is available with a one-year warranty and can be purchased easily around the market. Therefore, it is highly recommended.

  • Supports light duty projects
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • 2 in 1 functionality
  • It can be mounted on tools
  • Precise and Accurate
  • Difficult to control

Dremel 231 Portable Router Table is a cost-efficient product available at an extremely low price. The item offers 2-in-1 functionality where it can be used as a sharper as well as a table. Moreover, it is not only precise and accurate but extremely durable as well. Therefore, it does not get damaged easily.

3. Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table – Best Wood Router Table

Bosch Router Table RA1171

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table displays aluminum construction and is stronger than its predecessors. The rigid router table mounting plate improves the accuracy of the system. The enhanced precision is attributed to the flat surface of the plate, which is pre-drilled for impressive versatility. The holes in the plate increase its compatibility connection to a wide range of routers.

Likewise, the aluminum fence displays an MDF core and can be adjusted depending on the requirement. The fence provides ease of use by balancing the wood pieces together. In addition to this, the table is attached with two feather boards which offer exceptional protection against the kickback. More feather boards can also be inserted into the system to enhance the protective abilities of the item and make it stand out among its counterparts.

Miter gauge slot is another prominent characteristic of the Bosch Cabinet Style router table and provides space for attaching other additional accessories. Unlike its predecessor, this version is associated with two different dust collectors for removing all the dust particles from the surroundings. Hence, making it suitable for users of multiple health backgrounds.

  • Multiple dust collectors
  • Adjustable aluminum fence
  • Amplified protection properties
  • Efficient miter gauge slot
  • Durable and compact
  • Expensive

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table is second to none in terms of performance and quality construction. The adjustable aluminum fence and the feather boards increase the protective properties of the unit and are also the reason for its unrivaled durability. Additionally, the dust collectors capture the pollutants from the surroundings and display efficient performance.

4. Bench Dog ProMax Cast Iron Router Table – Best Router And Table

Bench Dog ProMax Cast Iron Router Table

Bench Dog ProMax Cast Iron Router Table is highly efficient and does not disappoint in terms of quality and performance. The extension router table is specially designed for outstanding stability and features a durable design. The aluminum construction imparts sturdiness to the whole material and prevents it from getting damaged easily.

Along with this, the fences embedded in the system can be effortlessly rotated and are easy to modify. This is because of the double fence slot configuration that increases its adjustability. Similarly, the router table is suitable for a large workspace and provides a huge working area. The strong top surface with an MDF core enables you to perform heavy-duty tasks without worrying about the quality of the device.

Similarly, the sub fences included in the object can be adjusted without the assistance of other parts and accessories. Thereby they facilitate zero-clearance setup. Apart from this, the T-slots for accessories allow you to connect a variety of substances with the main body and increase its versatility. Lastly, the dust collection port is environment friendly and sucks away all the unwanted pollutants from the surroundings. Hence, leaving a clean surface behind.

  • Adjustable and rotatable fence
  • Environment friendly
  • Multiple dust collectors
  • Strong top plate
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Pre-fence is not straight.

Bench Dog ProMax Cast Iron Router Table is an environment-friendly equipment. The strong top surface is ideal for heavy-duty tasks and improves the sturdiness of the item. Furthermore, the rotatable fence can be adjusted when required and allows for effortless cutting of wood pieces. Hence, it is highly recommended for a large workspace.

5. SKIL RAS900 Router Table

SKIL RAS900 Router Table - Top Rated Router Tables

SKIL RAS900 Router Table is an extraordinary item available with a huge amount of additional accessories. Thus, if you are one of those that require an all-in-one kind of material, the SKIL router table is my ultimate recommendation. The two containers present in the object alongside the quick-clamp allow you to control the wood pieces efficiently and cut them precisely.

Moreover, you do not need to assemble the product as it is mostly available in a pre-assembled form. Hence, it relieves you from the effort of attaching the parts together. Moreover, the laminated MDF top makes it easier to sand and cut the wood pieces. Another significant advantage of the top surface is easily slidable wood pieces. This is because of the lack of hurdles and roughness.

Similarly, the miter gauge, along with an adjustable fence allows for the connection of a variety of devices. An accessory bag is also a crucial component and can be used to store additional parts that might be difficult to carry around otherwise. As mentioned earlier, there are a large number of accessories available with the main object. Therefore, a bag to store them is essential.

  • Multiple accessories
  • Portable accessory bag
  • Miter gauge and adjustable fence
  • Time-efficient
  • Quick-release router
  • Stability concerns

SKIL RAS900 Router Table is a durable and compact model. It is renowned for its efficient working abilities and quick release router that can be detached from the main apparatus within seconds. Furthermore, the multiple accessories alongside the portable accessory bag is another reason for the high demand for the router table in the market.

6. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top - Best Benchtop Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table is a well-known product available at a reasonable price across the market. The tool is constructed using high-quality materials that add strength to the system and enhances its ability to withstand damage to a great extent. Additionally, the object is environment friendly and does not contribute to environmental pollution at all.

The reason for this is the efficient dust collection system that sucks away most of the pollutants from the surroundings. The adjustable faces and fence present in the table make it easier to balance range pieces of wood. This allows you to sand and cut the wood pieces effortlessly without worrying about controlling them. Apart from these, the full-size router plate and precision plate levelers further amplify the wood cutting performance of the material.

The top surface of the table features steel construction along with noise-absorbing MDF that makes it ideal for daily use. The incredibly quiet nature of the tool makes it suitable for nighttime usage and the reason for its high demand. Another prominent characteristic of the object is the easy slide micro dot skin which is made up of high-pressure laminate. Therefore, it allows you to effortlessly move the wood pieces on top of the table without any roughness or obstacle.

  • Built-in dust collector
  • Environment Friendly
  • Slide micro dot skin
  • Noise-absorbing abilities
  • Quiet operation
  • Expensive

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table is an environment-friendly item that is exceptionally durable. The unit features slide micro dot skin which allows you to smoothly cut wood pieces without exerting much effort. Likewise, the noise-absorbing property of the router table makes it suitable for nighttime use.

7. Craftsman Router Table Combo

Craftsman Router Table Combo

Craftsman Router Table Combo is an impressive model and is one of the best router and table combos available across the globe. The equipment is available at an extremely low price and displays plastic construction. The plastic improves the sturdiness of the router table and amplifies its lifetime.

In addition to this, the user-friendly design of the system makes it easier to operate and offers convenience to consumers. The extraordinary motor incorporated in the combo table is suitable for the toughest hardwoods and is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Similarly, the cutting depth of the wood can also be adjusted depending on the need and can cut to the micro-fine levels. Hence, generating a remarkable outcome.

Moreover, the adjustable fence and miter gauge enable you to balance the wood pieces and connect other related apparatus without any concern. The feather boards are also an important component and improve the overall abilities of the Craftsman router and table combo. Besides these, the dust collectors can remove a huge amount of pollutants from the environment and leave clean and breathable air for users.

  • Extra powerful motor
  • Efficient dust collector
  • User-friendly design
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Safety lock
  • Quality concerns

Craftsman Router Table Combo features a powerful motor for unrivaled efficiency. Additionally, the user-friendly design coupled with the durable plastic collection improves the performance of the equipment. The safety lock is also present for additional protection and security. Finally, the easy assembly provides convenience to users.

8. New Ryobi Universal Router Table

New Ryobi Universal Router Table

New Ryobi Universal Router Table is another incredible tool that features a router and table combo. This version of the New Ryobi router table is compatible with a wide variety of gadgets and can be used without any connection issues. Furthermore, the router table is equipped with five throat plates and is highly efficient. Along with this, the equipment is also embedded with a dust collector, which possesses a vacuum port.

The vacuum is tasked with filtering out all the dust particles from the surroundings, thereby leaving a clean and healthy environment. The table is perfect for multi-tier molding, uniform edge cutting, and smoothing. This is attributed to the adjustable fence and remarkable precision of the tool. Similar to most tables of its kind, the fence features an MDF core and an aluminum-based T-track that makes it easier to balance wood pieces on the top surface of the model.

Likewise, the apparatus also contains a miter gauge and various mounting slots to connect other substances with the main product without putting in a lot of effort. Lastly, the three-year warranty on the throat plate, miter gauge, switch key, and other related materials enhance its market demand and sale.

  • Built-in dust collector
  • Suitable for multi-tier molding
  • Aluminum-based T-track
  • Three-year warranty
  • Uniform edge smoothing
  • Not the best precision

New Ryobi Universal Router Table contains a built-in dust collector that removes the pollutants from the surroundings. Moreover, the aluminum-based T-track along with the MDF fence improves the performance of the table. It is also suitable for multi-tier molding and uniform edge smoothing and is available with a three-year warranty.

9. Grizzly Industrial Router Table

Grizzly T10432 Router Table - Best Table Top Router Table

Grizzly Industrial Router Table is ideal for those looking for a router and table combo alongside a stand. This model contains an in-built stand that is available with the main apparatus. The stand can be used to place the table at a certain place without looking for an external tool or cabinet for this purpose. In addition to this, the apparatus is sturdy and displays steel construction. The steel adds strength to the whole system and improves its abilities.

Furthermore, the adjustable fence incorporated in the model allows you to effortlessly cut the wood pieces and balance them just the way you want. Similarly, the top surface of the table features a strong MDF core along with the polyethylene edges that enhance the long life of the object. This version of the Grizzly Industrial router table presents a universal mounting plate that is embedded with two removable inserts and allows freehand routing.

Apart from these, the apparatus contains a split fence which is made up of MDF core and a long anodized aluminum-based bracket, which improves the overall accuracy of the device. The fence also contains some T-slots, which are specifically designed for mounting jigs and feather boards in the router table. Finally, there is a measuring table located on top of the fence that can be read in both left and right directions.

  • Universal mounting plate
  • Anodized aluminum-based bracket
  • Split fence with MDF core
  • Built-in stand
  • Accurate and durable
  • Adjustment concerns

Grizzly Industrial Router Table features a universal mounting plate which improves its overall functionality and adds five stars to its performance. The anodized aluminum bracket integrated into the unit along with the split fence improves the precision. The fence also contains measuring tape that provides ease of use. Hence, it is ideal for a diverse range of users.

10. Kreg PRS1015 Router Table

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table

Kreg PRS1015 Router Table is a compact tabletop unit suitable for small to medium-sized workshops. Considered among the best tables available in the market, the item features a micro-adjustable fence. The fence allows for perfect cutting of the large wood pieces by balancing them together.

Likewise, the stainless steel stand combined with the inert plate system amplifies the precision of the model and improves its adjustability. Along with this, the multi-purpose and self-squaring fence makes it suitable for heavy-duty projects and caters to all your working needs. The large MDF tabletop is extremely functional and efficient.

Therefore, it does not cause any hurdle in sanding and smoothing the edges of wood pieces. Furthermore, the easy assembly relieves the users from the hassle of taking hours to attach the parts together. The fence can be adjusted to the micro-levels for perfect accuracy and increased stability.

  • Accurate and precise
  • Micro-adjustable fence
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Less affordable

Kreg PRS1015 Router Table might be the last item on the list but does not lag behind its counterparts in terms of performance and efficiency. The multi-purpose fence present in the system increases precision and accuracy. Moreover, the unit is suitable for small to medium workshops and is highly recommended.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing the Best Router and Table Combo

There are many factors that should be carefully considered while purchasing the best router and table combo for yourself. These factors range from the basic physical properties to the performance indicators of the unit. They include the tabletop, miter gauge, fence, baseplate, and much more. Each of these factors is discussed below in detail.

Table Top

The first and the foremost feature that should be taken into account in this regard is the top of the table. It is necessary for the router and table combo to be rigid with a sturdy top body. The rigidity of the top apparatus will prevent it from folding or moving around. In addition to this, the top surface should be completely flat and smooth without any bumps for remarkable performance.

The non-flat surface might lead to non-level boards, which might cause problems in the later stages. There are a variety of products available in the market. However, MDF is the best combination of a performance-oriented yet cost-efficient product. It is not only sturdy and durable but also lightweight and is best among its counterparts.

Miter Gauge

This is highly suitable for those that use the router for more advanced tasks, as basic router tasks do not require the use of the miter gauge. But, there is no loss in carefully monitoring this attribute of your item while buying as you might require a miter gauge in the future. Along with this, the miter gauge is one of the most useful accessories available with the main equipment and adds five stars to the product’s performance.

It helps the users to secure feather boards and can easily fit inside any miter slot. Hence, the tools that are incorporated with miter slots have better performance ratings as compared to those that lack them. Therefore, you should make sure that the table you are purchasing is integrated with a miter slot for outstanding results.

Base Plate

Other than the top surface, the base of the router table is also extremely crucial. The base plate is the region where the router is attached to the table. Thus, it should possess the strength to hold the whole equipment together. For this purpose, the material used in the construction of the base plate should be high quality and durable.

Furthermore, similar to the top of the table, the base plate should also be flat and strong. The absence of these characteristics might affect the connection abilities of the table. Hence, impacting its performance to a great extent. Aluminum and Phenolic materials are a perfect example of a material that can be used for manufacturing the base plate.

Moreover, despite being sturdy, they are still flexible enough for drilling more holes if required. Last but not least, you can also purchase a base plate that is already drilled to fit more than one router. This will relieve you from the hassle of drilling holes in the plate by yourself.


It is another significant factor that must never be neglected. The fence helps the users to form a solid barrier on the router table and helps them to keep the cuts completely straight. Along with this, the fence is also capable of keeping the pieces at the same level while cutting and grinding them. There are two different types of fences available in the market.

Most of them are available in one piece while the others are split in nature. The type of fence that should be selected depends on the consumer’s convenience as well as the design of the router table. Similarly, the fence can also be created by the users themselves. However, the process might be time-consuming and may require a lot of effort.


There is a diverse variety of bases available in the market. Each system has its own specific properties and must be selected carefully depending on the properties of the table you are using. Some users prefer tables with long legs, while others require the whole tool placed on top of another table or item.

In addition to this, it is also recommended to look for systems that include cabinets with special compartments for a router table or router itself. One thing that must be remembered is that you should purchase a base that is strong enough to handle the weight of the whole equipment and shall also be compatible with the product.

Dust Collector

A dust collector is also extremely important and can make a huge difference in the efficiency of the unit. Although most people take it lightly, eventually neglecting it. However, having a dust collector in the apparatus can save you from a lot of unwanted hassle. Therefore, saving time and effort to a great extent. Routing is a procedure that is associated with the production of huge amounts of dust particles. Therefore, a built-in dust collector will ensure the cleanliness of your surroundings and will also maintain the quality of your environment as well as your health.


The performance of the object depends on its ability to connect to multiple routers at a time. There are a variety of router tables available throughout the world. Each of which has its different arrangement for the connection of routers. This is attributed to the design and construction of the tool and impacts its efficiency to a great extent.

Most products are versatile in nature and can connect to routers of different brands simultaneously. There are others that are specially designed to connect to the routers of similar brands and display limited abilities as compared to the former. Hence, you should choose a versatile tool with varied compatibility for outstanding results.

Hence, these were some of the most common factors that shall be taken into account when setting out to purchase the best router and table combo for yourself. Apart from these, the cost is another factor that is essential in this regard and impacts the popularity and purchase of the tool significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should be considered when buying a router and table combo?

While purchasing a router and table combo, it is advised to look for the durability of the tabletop, base plate, miter gauge slots, fence, and compatibility of the table with a huge variety of router brands for an incredible output. The inclusion of the base plate in the equipment is also highly beneficial and enhances its abilities to a great extent.

Is it worth buying a pre-drilled router table?

It is indeed wise to buy a table with pre-drilled holes. This relieves you from the trouble of drilling holes by yourself and saves a lot of time. In addition to this, the presence of a huge amount of holes allows you to connect multiple routers at a time and improve performance. Hence, it is worth the investment.

Which is the most suitable material for a base plate?

It is mostly advised to purchase an aluminum or Phenolic material-based base plate because of the sturdiness of these compounds. Moreover, these substances are flexible enough to be drilled effortlessly. Therefore, they are ideal for use in base plates and other integral parts of the table such as a fence, top surface, etc.

Wrapping Up

There is a diverse range of router and table combo available in the market. Tabletop, base plate, compatibility with multiple routers, adjustability of the fence, and dust collection slots are some significant factors that guide the consumer’s choice. Therefore, based on these factors, the following products are best among their counterparts.

  • Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 for its built-in dust collector, pre-drilled base plate, and large working area.
  • Dremel 231 Portable Router Table due to its precision, accuracy, compact size, 2-in-1 functionality, and dust collectors.
  • Craftsman Router Table Combo because of its extra powerful motor, user-friendly design, safety lock, and durable plastic construction.

Therefore, they are highly recommended for small to large workspaces.

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