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Kreg is a popular brand which scores good recognition in the market by selling top-notch products. The Kreg tools are a necessity for every homemaker. The company has multiple positive reviews and a vast selling circle. This article is particularly about the router tables by Kreg manufacturers.

The Kreg router tables are constructed with solid materials, particularly metals. The tables stand strong and stable, which is a good point when it comes to precise routing. You get the adjustability features in its product which enables you to mount it according to your height.

What did I like the most about Kreg router tables? I really want to appreciate the additional accessories included in the Kreg routing systems. You might get the extra tools like level-loc reducing rings, fencing hooks, gauges, and more in its market competitors. These features make it a step forward and highly convenient for freshers.

Planning to start a home workshop? Update your existing or previous model machinery with these two router tables, which come with safety equipment and are installed with powerful functioning. These tables are known for their performance. It increases productivity and speed greatly and works with high precision.

Best Kreg Router Table Review

While purchasing the router table, one won’t ask more than accuracy and stability. This is mainly what Kreg focuses on. This article will talk about the top Kreg router tables that help you perform your work effortlessly and correctly.

I have reviewed the top two sophisticated router table models by Kreg depending upon the price, build quality, and correctness. The accuracy generally refers to the exact measurements, which is imperative to achieve efficacy in your task. These models include lots of handy and effective features, taking them a step forward from other brands. In short, these router tables hold up well certainly in comparison!

2 Best Kreg Router Tables

1. Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

KREG Precision Router Table System - Top Rated Router Table

If you are searching for the best performing popular item out there, then you should consider Kreg PRS 1015 Precision Router table system. It comprises the tools and accessories and all essential features required to achieve proficiency in wood or fence work. That’s why it is my top recommendation for all-level woodworkers, even learners. This table system is priced premium, you may find other items inexpensive than this, but it’s totally worth the price.

It is one of the top-selling products on Amazon and has a lot to offer! While reviewing any product, the first thing I consider is its build quality. The building refers to the materials used in its construction. In this way, metal construction is always preferred because it adds strength to the particular item. However, plastic material costs less than a metal one. At least the top surface of a router table should be of metal material to attain stability.

The Kreg PRS 1015 Precision table came as a long-lasting steel router bench. Steel is an alloy of iron that is known for its utmost strength. It provides resistance against fracture and external pressures. The top surface, including feather boards, features a smooth and uniform surface perfect for routing. Make sure never to consider a rough top or resistive top table because it will distract your work, and you end up with low accuracy in the performed task.

You can also get additional accessories in this model, like level-loc reducing rings. It is a new five rings setup that helps lift this precision router table according to your accessibility. It features adjustability. The faultless positioning or balance is essential to do a certain task with exactness.

Additionally, the PRS 1015 has castors and set-up bars. The castors refer to the wheels attached below the router table. It comes in a set of four and provides portability to the table. If you are going to move your table for some reason, then you should consider this option. Also, you get a micro adjustor in the accessories set. The micro adjuster is used to adjust the fence onto the table to acquire greater correctness while cutting or editing.

Furthermore, while choosing the best router table, one should look for space. Greater space is not exactly equal to a perfect table! You have to check it according to the level of your work. For newbies, a middle-sized table is enough. However, experts should seek a large spaced router table like Kreg PRS 1015, which offers vast areas for routing. It is perfect for large-scale editing, cutting, or shaping wood materials. Besides, the large routing tables are a little more expensive than smaller ones.

  • Highly stable
  • Great build quality
  • Extra accessories
  • User-friendly
  • Popular
  • Little expensive for some

In short, I would say it is a perfect router table for ones who are not too tight on budget. It is still a bang for your buck as compared to other machinery in this category. Starting from the build quality to the precision and additional accessories, it includes it all. It is best-suited for every level woodworker and provides greater convenience and stability.

2. Kreg PRS2100 Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top - Best Benchtop Router Table

Second, on this list is the best budget-friendly router table by Kreg called PRS 2100. It is highly affordable, but don’t let the price tag fool you! It comes up with multiple features, which makes it the best option in today’s market. It scores incredible popularity in the market not only because of its cost but also due to its convenience and other user-friendly features.

Many reviewers or experts have tried and tested this popular product and find it great in precision, quality, and convenience. I personally recommend this router table to beginners or learners because it is not pricey. However, expert woodworkers can also find it great due to its end-level performance. There is a lot more to discuss with this superior model, so let’s start with the build quality.

The Kreg 2100 router table is made up of aluminum material, one of the extensively used building metals globally. It accounts for good ratings because of its durability and softness. It is lightweight, malleable, and perfect for routing. As mentioned above, the smooth and soft top surface is always great and better than a rough or hard one because it resists friction. That’s also one of the reasons why I found it an appropriate choice for freshers.

It features a T-square style which originated by Kreg itself. The design is intended to provide an extra level of convenience and ease to users. This layout is suitable for getting the right angles while cutting or editing wood. It has a standard 16 by 24 inches micro-dot work surface and a 3 by 8 inches phenolic insert plate. It is a large-sized router table on which you can deal with the heavy workpieces regardless of any unwanted or unstable movements.

The stability of this router table needs appreciation. It features extraordinary specifications that make this table extra fixed. The firmness and solidity are not only required for accuracy but also account for safety. Even a minute uncertainty is a risk to your safety or security.

Furthermore, this router table includes all the essential features. For instance, it has adjustable sub fences made of aluminum material and is quite long-lasting. These fences are super easy to use and make the feather boards attachment easier or effortless. The feather boards purposely apply pressure on the workpiece to keep it flat. All this set-up works to provide you the ease of use.

Safety always comes first! Kreg has installed a bit guard in this routing table, keeping your fingers out and safe from harm. It also has a two-and-a-half dust port that collects the leftover debris or small wood chunks completely. It helps in offering you a clean and healthy environment to work in. The dust ports are important because small wood particles or dust might affect your eyes.

  • Highly stable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Includes convenient features
  • Insert plate is not flat

In conclusion, this beginners-friendly router table is an ideal option for those who are quite tight on budget. It offers a T-square design that is extremely portable, convenient, and acquires more accuracy. In every aspect, this router table scores full marks.

Limitation of Kreg Router Tables

The one drawback I noticed in the Kreg models is that the insert plate is not very flat. This could be an issue for some, but that depends on your style. Because many users, even the experienced woodworkers, haven’t found it a major issue. Besides, these router tables are large in size, durable, extremely stable, and one of the best options in today’s market.


Is a router table worth it?

Router tables are great for editing or cutting the moldings. But it is necessary to have one with a perfect set-up, smooth top, and faultless performance. In short, using the best router table will make your work faster and more convenient than conventional techniques. If you are a fresher, then it is imperative to have a router table for your work as per your safety concerns.

Are there any universal router tables available in the market?

The compatibility is one of the main factors you need to check before spending your precious money on any routing table model. In other words, you have to see if your router fits a certain router table or not. If not, then that particular table is of no use for you! There are multiple routing tables available in the market which claim that these are universal, but I suggest you check the size accurately.

Can you use a router table as a jointer?

This is one of the few common questions people asked regarding routing tables. The answer is yes. The router table can be used as a narrow jointer which is pretty good for edge joining. However, I wouldn’t prefer a table for face jointing because it is too narrow for that.

What should I look for when buying a router table?

There are many imperative things that need your consideration before spending bucks on any model. The first main thing is the build quality which also determines the sturdiness, durability, and stability. Also, look for the design and additional accessories for convenient working. The price structure matters, too, especially for budget-conscious buyers.

What is the difference between a router and a shaper?

The router and a shaper are two different things based on the type of cutter and power source attached. The routing table utilizes the router bits, which have a permanent shank fixed to the cutter. On the other hand, the shapers are powered by a motor with a belt driven to the spindle. Comprehensively, the shapers produce more torque than routers.

Final Words

Now you have gone through the extensive review on Kreg routing tables. In short, the Kreg products are quite popular, best performing, convenient, and value for money. All the two discussed products are great in their own ways, but I think Kreg 1015 is a little more premium than the Kreg 2100 model in terms of extra features and extreme precision.

However, if you are not too loose on a budget, then consider Kreg 2100 routing table, which is also great. It is famous for its convenience due to the T-square layout. This is best-suited for new woodworkers.

That’s all! I hope that the provided information would be enough for you to make an appropriate decision. The Kreg tools will definitely help you in getting more accuracy and perfectness in your work.

Happy wood-working!

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