What is the Best Budget Wood Routers to Use in 2021

One of the most challenging things to compare with power tools is price vs functionality, particularly if you are new to woodworking. Even expert woodworkers seeing stock their shop with budget-friendly tools, like a good wood router, may not be assured what features they can go externally.

Maybe you don’t need a high-end price model or just looking to save a few dollars. Either way, here is a guide that has arranged the five best budget wood routers under $100 all into one place.

Firstly, there is no more useful tool to rout, cut grooves, or profile edges. Second, there is intelligence for figuring your personal touch to a project by executing a unique edge or pattern design. But, not everyone is viewing the most valuable version of a product.

The following example discusses the advantages and flaws of budget routers and reviews some products, one of which may be the best wood router under $100 for your shop.

What You Should See In A Cheap Wood Router

When I first got a wood router, my conclusion was inexpensive more than any other feature. As a start woodworker or someone who may be new to certain types of power tools, you will realize that you will not need to pay a lot of money arranging a router that can match your needs. The key is to learn what a router can provide and choose what features are more valuable.

The Best Budget Router Tool to Use

1. Ryobi R1631K: The Best Budget Wood Router Tool

Ryobi R1631K: The Best Budget Wood Router Tool

If you see for the best compact router, the Ryobi R1631K 1-1/2 Peak HP 8.5 Amp LED-Lit Corded Router Including 3 Piece Bit Set (w/ Tool Bag) is a perfect choice. Ryobi has a tool that fewer companies seem to offer: a single-speed motor with a 1/4” collet. Built-in LED lighting permits you to concurrently see the cut as it’s made and inspect the woodworking project ahead. So you can be sure that your detaching is of definite PROFESSIONAL QUALITY at a do-it-yourself budget.

This router has an above-average engine for a compact device and is just perfect for those little jobs around the house. At the push of a button, you can make Quick Liquor Deepness Adjustments with Ryobi’s fast locking technology. Now you can bounce from project to project at a moment’s enlightenment and fine-tune your analyses in record time!

  • It Includes Power Router Bits
  • The grips could get in the way
  • It isn’t easy as usual
  • The switch is too small

2. Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router – Best for Beginners

Makita RT0701C 1-14 HP Compact Router – Best budget wood routers for Beginners

The Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router gives correctness and performance in a dense and ergonomic design. This wood router claims a full 1-¼ highest horsepower, and this router is managed for a variety of precision routing tasks. The Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router has a variable speed control function ranging from up to 10,000 rpm to 30,000 rpm, giving users a price that matches their application.

This wood router has added performance gestures, including an easy start feature for smooth start-ups and electronic speed control to keep a constant speed. The Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router is double-coated with a heavy-duty aluminum motor housing which increases durability.

  • It has a suitable handle for easy driving.
  •  Handy in use.
  • A superior value for the money.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • This can handle most responsibilities thrown at it.
  • It has an easy-start feature.
  • It doesn’t occur with an LED light.
  • It has low power output.

3. Enertwist Wood Router Tool– Best for Door Hinges

Enertwist Wood Router Tool– Best for Door Hinges

The Enertwist 7.0-Amp 1.25 HP Best Budget Wood Router Tool Kit is a great option for craftspeople, practitioners, hobbyists, and woodworkers who want something light, small, and easy to manage. It is created for light woodworking projects. It has a powerful motor of about 7 amp or 1-¼ HP, and also has a variable speed that varies from 10,000 rpm to 30,000 rpm to match or suit any task you want to do. That also has an easy-start feature that produces full-time electronic feedback that manages the speed through cuts maintaining a clean job.

The Enertwist 7.0-Amp, 1.25 HP Wood Router Tool Kit, is coated with durable cast aluminum housing to make it strong. It also has a vibration-reducing soft handle which makes use for a long time possible.

  • Coated with cast aluminum for more stability.
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • This wood router is rich in revolving.
  • It comes with an overload shelter.
  •  A variable speed system.
  • It has a soft start feature for easy start-up.
  • It looks very loud.
  • It locks down at intervals.

4. Bosch PR20EVS Palm Router

Bosch PR20EVS Palm Router

The Bosch PR20EVS is known as the best palm router because it is easily held and managed. The Bosch Colt PR20EVS 1-Horsepower 5.6 Amp Electronic Variable-Speed Palm Router is a router built by Bosch which costs less than $100.

Most users loved this router because it begins with a long cord, longer than most wood routers. It also owns a variable speed motor that enables you to work faster or slower, depending on your terms.
It comes with a 5.3-amp motor fitted with reaching speed ranges from 15,000 rpm to 35,000 rpm. The weighs just less than 12 pounds, and it is compact and ideal for consumer-grade projects.

The Bosch PR20EVS Colt 1-Horsepower 5.6 Amp Electronic Variable-Speed Palm Router also owns an edge guide that helps users work on wood. The guide treats individuals who line the product up to the board’s edge to make smooth and even cuts in no time.

  • The air drains on top keep the router cool
  • It has cutting bases of up to 1-3/16 inches.
  • The quick clamp lever system facilitates base changes
  • It requires a 17mm and 10mm strain for a bit change.
  • Speed dial is put on top
  • Ergonomically-designed grip
  • It does not fit larger projects.
  • The power switch doesn’t have a dirt cover
  • No side handles but on the plunge base
  • ¼-inch collet only

5. Ridgid R2401 Router – Best Budget Wood Router for Home Use

Ridgid R2401 Router – Best Budget Wood Router for Home Use

I like this trim router because although Ridgid is not popular like the DeWalt and Bosch, it still has a better performance than most notable brands. The Ridgid triumphs of a fine micro-adjustment dial that enables its users to regulate the speed of the motor and alter the depth for more precise cutting. This trim router has a smooth top while it rests upside down, making bit replacement fast and easy. It also appears with a quick-release tool that helps users remove the motor from the base.

The Ridgid R2401 Laminate Trim Router is a robust trim tool that features a 1.6 horsepower motor with electronic feedback to keep the output power and maintain the speed no matter the strength of the job. It is also combined with an easy start feature which makes startup easy. The Ridgid R2401 Laminate Trim Router also has an easy entrance micro-adjust dial that gives users control over the base settings during use. The quick-release motor enables users to depart the motor of the router from the base.

The Ridgid R2401 Laminate Trim Router motor is so powerful that it can reach speeds from 20,000 rpm to 30,000 rpm. This mode also integrated a work LED light source, which improves visibility, a flat top for added stability during bit change, and square and round bases for added function and versatility.

  • It needs little or no maintenance.
  • This is inexpensive.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has a small and lightweight design for easy functionality.
  • Rotating the bits in this product can be tough or tricky.
  • The provided soft case isn’t that prominent.
  • It is a little bound in performance due to the lack of various features.


After hours of dedicated analysis, these are, in our opinion, the five best budget wood routers on the market. Of course, a good budget router should be rated respectively while maintaining high-performance standards through suitable motor and job-focused features.
It is for these reasons our top pick goes to the Makita RT0701C. Upon trying this product, you will admire what took you so long to drag the trigger, and with the wonderful one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

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